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“Some of the neighbors give them a hand. We could all use a hand somehow someway.”
-Charlie Dickinson, 40-Year Grape Street Resident

Grape Street for WHYY / Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Dr. Bruce Hopper Jr., MD is a Philadelphia-based general practitioner who is revolutionizing the health care industry one house call, text message or video chat at a time. Rather than modeling his solo practice after traditional hospitals that tend to focus on quantity of patients over quality care On Call Health is geared toward making doctor visits enjoyable, affordable, holistic, and personal experiences. In order to meet this end, Dr. Hopper left his comfortable, but depressing position at a well-known medical institute in 2010 in order to found a practice that is more in line with his personal vision of care and service.

Dr. Hopper not only goes back to basics by making house calls, but he also conducts care directly with the patient by avoiding health insurance companies altogether. Breaking down the doctor-patient barrier is one of the fundamental elements of this grassroots business model so at all hours of the day members of On Call Health can make noise with the one-man band himself via email, video chat, tweet, text or instant message, carrier pigeon, etc.

No secretaries or schedulers. No triage nurses or unpredictable wait times. No insurance companies or assembly line service. No mold, but a broken one — On Call Health.

This is my final project for Dr. Mendelson’s Documentary Photography class at Temple University. Such an honor to work with Dr. Hopper on this project and to have the opportunity to tell his incredible story in the first place. Thank you.

Dr. Trayes’ Photo Seminar Class walked around Philly armed with a camera, two flashes, a black background, and one question — what is the one piece of advice you want to share with us? This is their reciprocal wisdom.

Sean (Left): “Don’t go into the entertainment industry for money.”

Clare (Center): “Climb the highest mountain. Reach its peak. Build a rocket ship and soar higher. It’s always about trying to be the best you can be. Once you get there be even better than that.”

Tom (Right): “Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s problems. Remember that one. Human beings go bumbling and stumbling through the universe, through time, but it’s still interesting and lots of fun. Don’t expect too much, but enjoy it.”


My best friend Walbert Young, the artist at 26. Walbert was a doll and gets all the credit for post production on this piece, even though he was understandably stubborn about editing together his own interview.

In coalescence with our Waste Exhibit, the Wisdom Exhibit is on display in Temple University’s Annenberg Hall until Friday, April 27.

After completing this interview with Peter Boone for the Hard Times Project I found out through a trusted source that he is wanted for rape. His worst fear is “getting badly hurt.”

Side note: I did not intentionally darken this image post production to perhaps change its intent. This is actually close to how I accidentally underexposed it in the original.

Peter Boone, Hard Times, North Philadelphia (Broad and Girard avenues), 3.21.12

Occupy Philly protesters march from home base at City Hall in Philadelphia to 30th and Market streets to demonstrate solidarity with Occupy Wall Street on the two month anniversary from the start of the global movement. November 17, 2011

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit
Friday, April 8
Annenberg Hall Atrium
2020 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia
1000 portraits of Philly smokers, 1 video, 1 web site (, to be launched on Friday), a 300+ page book, & an 8 foot high tube full of cigarette butts (yum!)
also, free food! (also, yum!)

My second video clip for Dr. Trayes’ photojournalism class. The assignment was to be an “inquiring photographer,” so I decided to interview people about the Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling in the Delaware River. If not executed properly, an accident in the fracking process has the potential to poison the drinking water supply for all of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

With sound since YouTube swallowed my sound whole–>

We each received a flip camera and 30 minutes to see what we could see & capture what we could capture during Dr. Trayes’ photojournalism class on Friday. I spent most of my time shooting the general randomness that many people overlook in the hussel-bussel at Tyler Art School and throughout Temple University. If you ever happen to be walking with me down the street, I sincerely hope you are not in a hurry. I tend to look at things and primarily wander, so this assignment was particularly poignant to my usual approach to life and photography. The title “Eyeball Expansion: Peripheral Visionary” attempts to articulately capture this essence.

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