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Gettin’ weird on ’em at my bud Tom McGuigan’s fancy pants office. Pretty sure this is also the night we ate frog legs.

Ronald Miller, 78, moved to Ono, PA after his nearby home was flooded as a result of Hurricane Irene in August 2011. His household makes up 4 of the 120 residents of the two-road, half-mile long village.

Revisiting the Ono Project. Redesigning the book. Distributing images. Digging deeper.

Manifesting a publisher?

A classic and timeless look. Simply beautiful.

Holgate, Long Beach Island, NJ, 5.26.12 for (full slideshow)

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Forgot, or rather just remembered to put these photos up from the Eagles/Cowboys game on October 30, 2011.

Side note: Cannot wait for my new MacBook Pro to arrive! So pumped about how much more efficient I will be with editing, posting, distributing, etc. Life is good! Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible!

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