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I can’t think of a more appropriate photograph for my hundredth blog post than this one!

Isaiah Ezell, North Philadelphia, 7.11.11

I shot these images of the Philadelphia skyline for the 12 x 6 foot background of the TUTV news desk at Temple University. The final two shots won first place (out of three people!) and will remain in my home at Annenberg Hall for the next 10-20 years.

Philadelphia Skyline, Center City, 6.16.11

First day out shooting for the North Broad Street Corridor, Temple Initiatives Project for Temple University.

The corridor segment of the project seeks to give voice to the various business owners, residents and stakeholders in the communities between Temple’s Main and Health Sciences campuses who would be most affected if efforts to restore North Broad Street occur. The idea is to talk to people about their past and present experiences on the arterial route as well as the types of investments they would like to see in their neighborhoods. You can see the project proposal we created and find out more information here.

I switched up my style a bit to shoot these images. Typically my work is very systematic, clean and deliberate, but these photos are imperfect and capture a real side of Philly that you don’t get from the LOVE Park and City Hall postcards. They are reminiscent of the era that Robert Frank and other key figures ushered in with the art of the snapshot. He said:

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”

True dat.

North Broad Street Corridor, North Philadelphia, PA, 6.9.11

Sometimes I really love this city. This outing was so telling of Philadelphians. Some people reacted with disgust or simply looked away while the majority were delighted and happily surprised. If the world actually ended at 6 p.m. yesterday, Walbert & I would have been saved for making so many people smile. Happy Rapture, Everyone!

The Rapture Capture with Walbert Young, Center City/Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, 5.21.11

I made this PIFA Book for Dr. Trayes’ Photo Seminar class. Check it out.

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts Street Fair, Center City, Philadelphia, 4.30.11

Check out the full Face Book (a photography book of faces within things) here.

Pareidolia (noun) – the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exists, as in considering the moon to have human features

Created for Dr. Trayes’ Photo Seminar class, spring 2011.

This book is dedicated to the faces of my P-Sem Photo Family. Thank you for the encouragement, feedback and continuing support. I would have drowned beneath the weight of endless, seemingly futile assignments, all 64 of them, if it weren’t for you guys.

Extra special thanks to Walbert Young for lending me his camera for two months after mine broke. Who knew cameras had a shutter life of 130,000 exposures, and that I was capable of using up all 130,000 of them in two years? I suppose three classes with Dr. Trayes will do that to your gear, not to mention mental health. Alas, it is all entirely worth it in the end…

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit, Temple University, North Philadelphia, 4.8.11

Somehow we managed to pull this off?

The exhibit features 1000 mounted portraits of smokers with interviews telling when they started smoking and why, a few videos (a time lapse of the lab production and set-up of the exhibit, behind the scenes guerrilla portraiture, & the smokers themselves) a 389 page book (part one, part two), an 8 foot tube of cigarette butts, & a web site! Holler at the Temple University Photojournalism Department. It will be on display in Annenberg Hall until 8 pm on Friday, April 15.

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit
Friday, April 8
Annenberg Hall Atrium
2020 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia
1000 portraits of Philly smokers, 1 video, 1 web site (, to be launched on Friday), a 300+ page book, & an 8 foot high tube full of cigarette butts (yum!)
also, free food! (also, yum!)

Dr. Trayes: The Man, The Legend of Temple University’s Photojournalism Program. Happy April Fool’s Day, Trayes.

Some fun playing with light in the old Beury Building, 2.15.11

Also! Ian Darrenkamp, Ian Watson, Andrew Curtis & I made a web site for all this nonsensical meandering.

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