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The stunning Ms. Maria Pouchnikova in South Philadelphia, 12.29.12

Philadelphia, Man, Trumpet, Music, Alley, Panhandle, stool

One thing that has always struck me about living in the city is the way music pinballs off concrete, reaching non-expectant ears. The sound carries, transcending the clutter and there’s a moment of stillness otherwise lost to routine.

Jay Taylor grew up catching critters on a 700-acre farm in central Pennsylvania. At 22 he regularly takes pet snakes Dravok and Chyanne for walks so they are comfortable being handled by the strangers they encounter.

Drum Circle, Harrisburg, PA, 7.24.12

Amy Kessel, Catalonian Cogitations, Barcelona, Spain, 6.24.12

“Some of the neighbors give them a hand. We could all use a hand somehow someway.”
-Charlie Dickinson, 40-Year Grape Street Resident

Grape Street for WHYY / Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Manayunk Bike Race Block Party, Pizza Time, 6.3.12 for

Characters on Grape Street in Manayunk, Philadelphia, 6.10.12

My new series “Tell It Like It Is” launched this week for Phrequency!

I was taught never to talk to strangers. Now I make a living off of it.

And by make a living, I mean it makes me feel alive.

Every stranger seems stranger than the last, but I’m only interested in the odd ones (like me).

Dane Fallon, Center City, Philadelphia, 3.22.12

Dr. Trayes’ Photo Seminar Class walked around Philly armed with a camera, two flashes, a black background, and one question — what is the one piece of advice you want to share with us? This is their reciprocal wisdom.

Sean (Left): “Don’t go into the entertainment industry for money.”

Clare (Center): “Climb the highest mountain. Reach its peak. Build a rocket ship and soar higher. It’s always about trying to be the best you can be. Once you get there be even better than that.”

Tom (Right): “Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s problems. Remember that one. Human beings go bumbling and stumbling through the universe, through time, but it’s still interesting and lots of fun. Don’t expect too much, but enjoy it.”


My best friend Walbert Young, the artist at 26. Walbert was a doll and gets all the credit for post production on this piece, even though he was understandably stubborn about editing together his own interview.

In coalescence with our Waste Exhibit, the Wisdom Exhibit is on display in Temple University’s Annenberg Hall until Friday, April 27.

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