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One of the joys of making photos for a living is that sometimes you find yourself on a farm in rural Pennsylvania watching rocket after rocket launch into a realm beyond visibility, and then witnessing the sheer wonderment spread across the face of its adult maker.

A small group of amateur rocket scientists keep their fizzling hobby alive
cover art for Philadelphia City Paper

Outtakes from this fierce City Paper cover girl shoot with Philadelphia-based drag QUEEN Ann Artist. Her feminist-themed Fringe Arts Festival shows Through the Glass Ceiling: Day of Woman and White Scare debut at Voyeur Night Club on Sept. 10 and 17 respectively.

Philly Made on 8.29.14




Holiday tree lighting in Love Park on December 5, 2012 for

Merry Christmas, y’all!

I had the fortune of spending all of five minutes with the beautiful Doris as she waited for a bus to collect and deposit her at a consignment shop. In the Monday drizzle, the two of us chatted about her once family, which places to visit in the south of Spain, and how I should find a man and really love him.

Photography is just like that. Or my experience of it at least. Five profound minutes of immersion into someone else’s experience and then she’s off in another direction, and so am I.

How lucky I am to be entrusted with peoples’ stories, their memories. So I go, always with a camera as a reason to inquire about whatever it is I wonder at that given moment.

Sincerely hope to see you again someday, Ms. Doris.

“Doris Waits”
Center City

Haley Burgess, Blurr Nightclub, 9.20.12


Three of my favorite shots from Suzanne and Greg’s Wedding in Avalon, New Jersey on 9.21.12.

Had a blast shooting with my favorite gemini, Melissa Kelly, who sincerely kills it every time. The best.

Bastille Day in Fairmount, Philadelphia, 7.14.12. Gallery for / Philadelphia Inquirer

Ronald Miller, 78, moved to Ono, PA after his nearby home was flooded as a result of Hurricane Irene in August 2011. His household makes up 4 of the 120 residents of the two-road, half-mile long village.

Revisiting the Ono Project. Redesigning the book. Distributing images. Digging deeper.

Manifesting a publisher?

2012 U.S. Air Guitar Championship, Johnny Brenda’s, Fishtown, Philadelphia, 6.20.12 for

“Some of the neighbors give them a hand. We could all use a hand somehow someway.”
-Charlie Dickinson, 40-Year Grape Street Resident

Grape Street for WHYY / Philadelphia Neighborhoods

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