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Gettin’ weird on ’em at my bud Tom McGuigan’s fancy pants office. Pretty sure this is also the night we ate frog legs.

Drag night at Bob and Barbara’s is that special time of the week where fine Philly folk converge on my favorite PBR bar for fabulousness and $3.50 city wides. 11.9.12

Dirt Children, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA, 9.7.12


The House That Bass Built at The Roxxy, Philadelphia, PA, 8.23.12


Mass Productions presents The House That Bass Built, The Roxxy, Philadelphia, 8.2.12 for Phrequency

Birthday creation for my roommate Kurt Lutz

Jay Taylor grew up catching critters on a 700-acre farm in central Pennsylvania. At 22 he regularly takes pet snakes Dravok and Chyanne for walks so they are comfortable being handled by the strangers they encounter.

Drum Circle, Harrisburg, PA, 7.24.12

Matt Early and Kevin Dougherty, playing with color and lights, 6.13.12

My new series “Tell It Like It Is” launched this week for Phrequency!

I was taught never to talk to strangers. Now I make a living off of it.

And by make a living, I mean it makes me feel alive.

Every stranger seems stranger than the last, but I’m only interested in the odd ones (like me).

Dane Fallon, Center City, Philadelphia, 3.22.12

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