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Every once in awhile I take (“make”) a photo without a person in it.
Also retouching to this extent is rare in my work.

But as my boy Ernest puts it:
“Style is that which is rough around the edges because it hasn’t been done before.” -Hemingway

This blog is my vessel where experiments in personal photographic style and vision live. Rough. Around the edges.

Shot in Holgate, Long Beach Island, NJ, 10.1.12

Three of my favorite shots from Suzanne and Greg’s Wedding in Avalon, New Jersey on 9.21.12.

Had a blast shooting with my favorite gemini, Melissa Kelly, who sincerely kills it every time. The best.

As intriguing as people is their absence from once raucous spaces.

“Here lies one whose fame was writ in water.” -John Keats

Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ, 5.25.12 for 

I’m looking for a new best friend because mine is moving to Spain for an insane six weeks. Now accepting applications, some serious kicks to fill. Ya feel me?

But seriously though, you’re irreplaceable, miss. Most of what I do would not be possible without all the love, LAUGHTER, support. Well overdue ode to Amy on the day of departure. So romantic. Love you, girl.

Thank you.

Grandpa thought I was photographing his cat. I’m so sneaky (deceptive?). So very sneaky.

Rutherford, NJ,  3.25.12

Working on a project studying the work and process of National Geographic, VII Photographer Ed Kashi. Next weekend I have the pleasure of documenting his roles as a father, husband, educator, and visual storyteller, among others, at his home and studio in New Jersey. Passion leads.

Northern Short Course in Photojournalism, Fairfax, VA, 3.10.12

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Holgate, Long Beach Island, NJ, 6.4.11 (My Birthday!)

All images as shot except for the first one, which was taken through the lens of my sunglasses. Stole this neat-o idea from the fabulous Ms. Theresa Regan!

My brain is lobster sauce.

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