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Outtakes from this fierce City Paper cover girl shoot with Philadelphia-based drag QUEEN Ann Artist. Her feminist-themed Fringe Arts Festival shows Through the Glass Ceiling: Day of Woman and White Scare debut at Voyeur Night Club on Sept. 10 and 17 respectively.

Philly Made on 8.29.14

Bastille Day in Fairmount, Philadelphia, 7.14.12. Gallery for / Philadelphia Inquirer

Red House is a non-profit organization located in East Falls, Philadelphia dedicated to providing community members with a creative textiles outlet. Patrons can attend sewing classes, order custom clothing and accessories, or purchase a prefabricated item at a low cost. Red House is affiliated with Blu Dahlia Designs and Break Free, a non-profit focused on encouraging inner-city youth to express themselves.

For WHYY / Philadelphia Neighborhoods

On May 14, 2012, Jay-Z and Mayor Nutter teamed up to announce the upcoming Made In America music festival coming the the pretty city of Philadelphia Labor Day Weekend. Yours truly was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to capture the madness. Teams of photographers scrambling like eggs, and I was just laughing ’cause I may be short, but that low angle is my saving grace, all day every day.

Jay-Z & Mayor Nutter, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 5.14.12

Dr. Bruce Hopper Jr., MD is a Philadelphia-based general practitioner who is revolutionizing the health care industry one house call, text message or video chat at a time. Rather than modeling his solo practice after traditional hospitals that tend to focus on quantity of patients over quality care On Call Health is geared toward making doctor visits enjoyable, affordable, holistic, and personal experiences. In order to meet this end, Dr. Hopper left his comfortable, but depressing position at a well-known medical institute in 2010 in order to found a practice that is more in line with his personal vision of care and service.

Dr. Hopper not only goes back to basics by making house calls, but he also conducts care directly with the patient by avoiding health insurance companies altogether. Breaking down the doctor-patient barrier is one of the fundamental elements of this grassroots business model so at all hours of the day members of On Call Health can make noise with the one-man band himself via email, video chat, tweet, text or instant message, carrier pigeon, etc.

No secretaries or schedulers. No triage nurses or unpredictable wait times. No insurance companies or assembly line service. No mold, but a broken one — On Call Health.

This is my final project for Dr. Mendelson’s Documentary Photography class at Temple University. Such an honor to work with Dr. Hopper on this project and to have the opportunity to tell his incredible story in the first place. Thank you.

Thanks to Paige Mull, Emily Cosgrove, and Victoria Czarnik for helping out with the photos for this Philadelphia Daily News story.

Nymira Bryant and her new stuffed friend leap from the bleachers at Temple Corps Community Center, in North Philly, during the annual Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia holiday dinner, which was held on Sunday. The organization served more than 500 meals to homeless and underprivileged Philadelphians as part of its annual Christmas Campaign.

Photo of the day in today’s Philadelphia Daily News. Pick it up!

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The Philadelphia Police Department evicted Occupy Philly protesters from Dilworth Plaza at City Hall around 1am Wednesday morning so the city could move forward with a $51 million renovation project that is scheduled for the space. After nearly two months of 24/7 dissent, most of the remaining protesters linked arms and took to the streets chanting such phrases as ‘You can’t evict an idea’ and ‘Aint no power like the power of the people ’cause the power of the people don’t stop.’ Law enforcement officials on bicycles blocked strategic intersections and at times surrounded the marchers in order to prevent them from moving forward to certain locations, such as the Comcast Center and Rittenhouse Square. 52 arrests later the sun rose with no trace of arrest or revolution to impede the morning commute.

Occupy Philly protesters march from home base at City Hall in Philadelphia to 30th and Market streets to demonstrate solidarity with Occupy Wall Street on the two month anniversary from the start of the global movement. November 17, 2011

Despite having to use five blankets to keep warm, Occupy Philadelphia protester Tom Benson says remaining at City Hall through the rare October snowfall the previous night was worth it to demonstrate his dedication to the cause on October 30, 2011. He said he wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else that night than at City Hall watching the beautiful snow fall.

Hillary Petrozziello for the Philadelphia Daily News

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