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I curated a fine art / documentary exhibition featuring approximately 30 pieces by 13 of my talented friends. It opens tomorrow (Friday, MARCH 30) from 2-5 pm at Temple University. Come as you are, celebrate art.

See: Facebook Event for more details

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Valentines at Broad Street and Girard Avenue in North Philadelphia, 2.4.12

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

– Alfred Eisenstaedt

P.S. – This is my 175th post. First comment on 200 gets a print or two, loves.

My Photo Seminar “Mentee” Dillon Mast, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 2.2.12

Jeff Rey Kane, Center City, Philadelphia, PA, 1.29.12

Tim is a former New York Times photojournalist who succumbed to conspiratorial paranoia and the often inherent eccentricity that goes along with this profession. He now dumpster dives for treasures in rich neighborhoods and refuses to own a cell phone or any kind of digital technology for fear of being tracked by the U.S. government. When I ran into him at 15th and South streets in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood of Philadelphia he was on his way to return a piece of mail to its proper recipient in hopes of receiving a cigarette or another form of compensation from her on January 29, 2012.

Barberville Roadside, Barberville, FL, 12.27.11

Self Portrait

Revisiting some of the old shoots for compilation sake. Unearthed these two, which until now have lived solely on my hard drive. Summer 2010 with Skye

I only like the weird ones. (Some experimental shots from this weekend at LBI)

Ship Bottom & Holgate, Long Beach Island, NJ, 10.8.11

There’s something about that pre-dawn delirium on a windy, rain-spitting morning at the beach in September.

Ms. Maria Pouchnikova, Long Branch, NJ, 9.11.11

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