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I’m looking for a new best friend because mine is moving to Spain for an insane six weeks. Now accepting applications, some serious kicks to fill. Ya feel me?

But seriously though, you’re irreplaceable, miss. Most of what I do would not be possible without all the love, LAUGHTER, support. Well overdue ode to Amy on the day of departure. So romantic. Love you, girl.

Thank you.

Grandpa thought I was photographing his cat. I’m so sneaky (deceptive?). So very sneaky.

Rutherford, NJ,  3.25.12

I’m creating a book! And it’s my most personal of personal projects to date, the book of Ono, PA, my hometown of 122 people. I’m attempting to photograph every one of them and have shot 101 to date. Here are a few of my favorite portraits thus far.

Ono, PA

Revisiting some of my work documenting the lives and work of Haitian women in the Dominican Republic from August 2011.

My sister Gillian Petrozziello is a marathon runner! More on this to come!

I rarely post verticals, but jeez, isn’t my mom just beautiful? 11.13.11

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