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Skipping rocks by the river with my roommate, Kurt Lutz. Good ol’ Pennsylvania kids stuck in zee city.

Gettin’ weird on ’em at my bud Tom McGuigan’s fancy pants office. Pretty sure this is also the night we ate frog legs.




The stunning Ms. Maria Pouchnikova in South Philadelphia, 12.29.12

It’s like guessing the number of jellybeans to a jar. No one really knows how many Walberts there are.


The House That Bass Built at The Roxxy, Philadelphia, PA, 8.23.12


Mass Productions presents The House That Bass Built, The Roxxy, Philadelphia, 8.2.12 for Phrequency

Birthday creation for my roommate Kurt Lutz

Matt Early and Kevin Dougherty, playing with color and lights, 6.13.12

I curated a fine art / documentary exhibition featuring approximately 30 pieces by 13 of my talented friends. It opens tomorrow (Friday, MARCH 30) from 2-5 pm at Temple University. Come as you are, celebrate art.

See: Facebook Event for more details

Jeff Rey Kane, Center City, Philadelphia, PA, 1.29.12

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