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Place where I am from, from whence I came.

Cemetery Trees, Ono, PA, 4.1.12

A little bokeh photography never hurt anybody.

Cat Pulaski is spilling over, Burlington, Vermont, 9.24.11

Cat Pulaski suspended over Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT, 9.24.11

The words fierce and stunning come to mind. She killed it. Entirely.

Gosh, I’ve seen so much beauty lately, so much light.

The beginnings of a double rainbow over Lombard Street in Philadelphia, 9.15.11

There’s something about that pre-dawn delirium on a windy, rain-spitting morning at the beach in September.

Ms. Maria Pouchnikova, Long Branch, NJ, 9.11.11

Madeleine Belle, Joe Tiberino

The Squidling Brothers Present Carnivolution, a circus sideshow at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum, West Philly, 9.8.11

On a side note, these are my first images to run in the Philadelphia Inquirer! Woooh!

Golden hour walk in our new neighborhood in August

The ever-stunning-even-in-sweats Ms. Dominique Dalia, Center City, Philadelphia, 8.28.11

Plastic bag shooting during Hurricane Irene in Philadelphia. Hype City.

Hurricane Irene, Center City, Philadelphia, PA, 8.27.11

Life Cycle, El Barrio Del Barraco or “Town of The Witch Doctor,” Elias Pina, Dominican Republic, 8.9.11

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