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Cemetery in Fairmount Park, Fairmount, Philadelphia, PA, 4.9.11

Lovely Models: Brittany Thomas, Corrine Klug, & Leigh

Happy Sunday, everyone. This is my first post on my brand new photography blog. Its inception coincides rather nicely with the beginning of summer break and the end of finals week madness. I will be moving to Long Beach Island, NJ on Saturday for the summer where I will be pleasantly disconnected from the world-wide web for awhile until the weekend warriors come to play and I can poach their internet signals. Hopefully my photographic updates will come regularly, but that all depends on my accessibility to free internet on the island. For now, I will begin with a photo of my niece, Kaylin, that was taken at her 4th birthday party on May 2.

Kaylin Tobias, 4, photographed at her birthday party on May 2 in Ono, PA.

To see more of my work, feel free to visit my web site: Hillary Petrozziello Photography. Thanks!

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