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An outtake from a fun head shot shoot with DJ Ben Arsenal of Worldtown Productions.

Film noir style head shots for an aspiring model and a really great guy. Check out Omer Qayyum’s animation work here.

I had the fortune of spending all of five minutes with the beautiful Doris as she waited for a bus to collect and deposit her at a consignment shop. In the Monday drizzle, the two of us chatted about her once family, which places to visit in the south of Spain, and how I should find a man and really love him.

Photography is just like that. Or my experience of it at least. Five profound minutes of immersion into someone else’s experience and then she’s off in another direction, and so am I.

How lucky I am to be entrusted with peoples’ stories, their memories. So I go, always with a camera as a reason to inquire about whatever it is I wonder at that given moment.

Sincerely hope to see you again someday, Ms. Doris.

“Doris Waits”
Center City

Inspired morning, took to the concrete to create, with Kat Vallilee, 9.28.12

Haley Burgess, Blurr Nightclub, 9.20.12


It’s like guessing the number of jellybeans to a jar. No one really knows how many Walberts there are.


The House That Bass Built at The Roxxy, Philadelphia, PA, 8.23.12


Birthday creation for my roommate Kurt Lutz

Jay Taylor grew up catching critters on a 700-acre farm in central Pennsylvania. At 22 he regularly takes pet snakes Dravok and Chyanne for walks so they are comfortable being handled by the strangers they encounter.

Drum Circle, Harrisburg, PA, 7.24.12

Amy Kessel, Barcelona, Spain, 6.30.12

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