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Birthday creation for my roommate Kurt Lutz

I want your mad photographers. I want your steak sauce escapades and vanity for my pocket frontier (& I god damn do not want to stand when you enter the room, pompous prosecutor.) Cuticle cream infinty fuck. pin striped pin head with the pins&needles penis. poking through to your wonder bears, roarrrring. I need this in my life, this pop-up tent ensamble, winged walrus ring-a-linging around things. SINGING! i know you’re looking at me & i don’t care lalalalala. I want your wondrous wanderings, your swingset wonder bus, your hands free frolicking about these endless roads. laughing, loving, cuddling carebears creativity space, space! space! framing your face in sleeping bag critters, cocktail nail biter endings, your rickety rags and nonsense. who’s laughing? wooooh, doggie. JUST WHAT IS THIS DOG & PONY SHOW!!  i don’t want your god damn nine to five to nine to five to nine to five, enough. i don’t want your salary, your 10 days at a time vacationary limits. just hazel and pine for me, love. you glorious soul, this aside from it all friend, this hello say stranger how are you doing, wear it all til its worn sort of gorgeous creature, this lay me down exposed wondrous one. hands fancy bodega, bottled beetle juice, pregnant princess parades on saturdays sideways, staring! tip your hat to me, cowboy. i like that look on your face, do it again. say that one more time. yea, yea. iota wagon distant enemies. i want your fairytale eyes, your mismatched additions. your table talk and ingredients. that’s the picture of you that i like. concealed expressions and salad dressing puddles. your silhouette, you mistake me.

“Knowing I have love in my life would be a perfect day for me.”

Are the 20s really the best years of our lives? People keep telling me this as fact and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Of all these years, one hundred years, I’m not sure why all the treasured moments & beauty & carefree-ness are allocated to those between the ages of 20 and 29.. I don’t want to reach a certain age and stagnate. So my wish upon turning 20 today is to always fully exercise my ability to live and harness creativity, to tirelessly pursue curiosities and intrigues, and to execute projects through to completion. That being said, I am now going to paint my fingernails fun colors, put on a pretty flow-y birthday dress, and take marvelous photographs of people with telling faces!

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