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Dr. Trayes’ Photo Seminar Class walked around Philly armed with a camera, two flashes, a black background, and one question — what is the one piece of advice you want to share with us? This is their reciprocal wisdom.

Sean (Left): “Don’t go into the entertainment industry for money.”

Clare (Center): “Climb the highest mountain. Reach its peak. Build a rocket ship and soar higher. It’s always about trying to be the best you can be. Once you get there be even better than that.”

Tom (Right): “Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s problems. Remember that one. Human beings go bumbling and stumbling through the universe, through time, but it’s still interesting and lots of fun. Don’t expect too much, but enjoy it.”


My best friend Walbert Young, the artist at 26. Walbert was a doll and gets all the credit for post production on this piece, even though he was understandably stubborn about editing together his own interview.

In coalescence with our Waste Exhibit, the Wisdom Exhibit is on display in Temple University’s Annenberg Hall until Friday, April 27.

I curated a fine art / documentary exhibition featuring approximately 30 pieces by 13 of my talented friends. It opens tomorrow (Friday, MARCH 30) from 2-5 pm at Temple University. Come as you are, celebrate art.

See: Facebook Event for more details

Conrad Benner is a Philadelphia-based blogger and photographer who profiles local street artists throughout the city on Here is a multimedia profile that reveals at least some aspects of what makes Conrad and his website so awesome.

Conrad Benner, Streets Dept, Center City, Philadelphia, 3.29.12

Mark Lorenzon in his home, Center City, Philadelphia, PA, 2.17.12

Aperture Agency presents EXPOSURE! A student photography exhibition and sale at Temple University, Annenberg Hall Atrium, 3-7 pm this Friday, December 2. Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday nonsense. Come purchase a beautiful, one-of-a-kind print from the artist him/herself. What better [insert the winter holiday you celebrate here] gift than the unique art of Philadelphia’s finest? Support artists, beautify your space, express yourself.

Thanks to Jessie Fox for making the exquisite fliers above.

I really like these pictures. They make me happy. Juss sayin’.

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, Center City, Philadelphia, 4.30.11

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit, Temple University, North Philadelphia, 4.8.11

Somehow we managed to pull this off?

The exhibit features 1000 mounted portraits of smokers with interviews telling when they started smoking and why, a few videos (a time lapse of the lab production and set-up of the exhibit, behind the scenes guerrilla portraiture, & the smokers themselves) a 389 page book (part one, part two), an 8 foot tube of cigarette butts, & a web site! Holler at the Temple University Photojournalism Department. It will be on display in Annenberg Hall until 8 pm on Friday, April 15.

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit
Friday, April 8
Annenberg Hall Atrium
2020 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia
1000 portraits of Philly smokers, 1 video, 1 web site (, to be launched on Friday), a 300+ page book, & an 8 foot high tube full of cigarette butts (yum!)
also, free food! (also, yum!)

I want your mad photographers. I want your steak sauce escapades and vanity for my pocket frontier (& I god damn do not want to stand when you enter the room, pompous prosecutor.) Cuticle cream infinty fuck. pin striped pin head with the pins&needles penis. poking through to your wonder bears, roarrrring. I need this in my life, this pop-up tent ensamble, winged walrus ring-a-linging around things. SINGING! i know you’re looking at me & i don’t care lalalalala. I want your wondrous wanderings, your swingset wonder bus, your hands free frolicking about these endless roads. laughing, loving, cuddling carebears creativity space, space! space! framing your face in sleeping bag critters, cocktail nail biter endings, your rickety rags and nonsense. who’s laughing? wooooh, doggie. JUST WHAT IS THIS DOG & PONY SHOW!!  i don’t want your god damn nine to five to nine to five to nine to five, enough. i don’t want your salary, your 10 days at a time vacationary limits. just hazel and pine for me, love. you glorious soul, this aside from it all friend, this hello say stranger how are you doing, wear it all til its worn sort of gorgeous creature, this lay me down exposed wondrous one. hands fancy bodega, bottled beetle juice, pregnant princess parades on saturdays sideways, staring! tip your hat to me, cowboy. i like that look on your face, do it again. say that one more time. yea, yea. iota wagon distant enemies. i want your fairytale eyes, your mismatched additions. your table talk and ingredients. that’s the picture of you that i like. concealed expressions and salad dressing puddles. your silhouette, you mistake me.

This past weekend marked my first public display of my photography (outside of Temple) at a craft show in Philadelphia. I am so grateful to everyone who came out to see my booth and helped out with supplies/setting up. You guys made me feel like a million dollar bills to be surrounded by such fabulous people and to get that kind of feedback, positive and constructive.

My mom and I enjoyed apricot and raspberry scones and coffee until the morning downpour ceased on Saturday. Most of the vendors made haste in vacating the premises, but we established ourselves as soon as the rain slowed to a drizzle (Q: Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? A: Fo drizzle). Can’t say I necessarily would have maintained that sort of optimism without my mama there for encouragement and scones and conversation, but we stuck it out. Of the 200 vendors, only 6 of us set up on Saturday.

Sunday could not have been more polar, like opposite, not the bear. So many people roamed the premises like farm animals disoriented, no longer confined by fences after a tornado. We were all animals for the World Cup game actually, one guy brought one of those buzzzzzzzzz horns, others chanted ole ole ole ole. Silliness, really, to identify oneself with either the Netherlands or Spain when ones own team failed to achieve such glory. Ahhh, social solidarity.

I managed to hand out all of my business cards throughout the weekend and made some valuable contacts. People were mostly interested in purchasing my 4×6 prints, although I did sell some large framed prints of Philadelphia and such. Some people even purchased my portraits, which I found to be surprising considering most people wouldn’t want to hang a picture of a stranger? When all was said and done, I was very pleased with the feedback I received both verbally and in sales. The remainder of my framed prints will be for sale at the Jolly Roger Motel gift shop and various other stores in Long Beach Island.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for joining me on this journey. I love you all.

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