headshotHillary Petrozziello was raised in Ono, Pennsylvania as the last of five children. Growing up in a village of 120 people instilled in her a curiosity for the unique culture in Philadelphia. City Paper nurtures this sense of wonderment by assigning shoots in all corners of the city where she’s blessed by being able to gain access to many all sorts of people of different walks of life. If the soul asks ‘what is the story to be told here?’, then the camera answers.

She is currently based in Philadelphia, PA, and wants to take your picture. Specializing in food and editorial photography, not to mention whatever else inspires. Her favorite things include being outdoors, adventures, her tribe, cooking, produce and making crafts.

“By photographically introducing neighbors to one another in an honest and intimate way, my goal is to foster understanding and dispel uncertainty and fear.”
-Matt Eich

Instagram: @hillpetro
Twitter: @hillarypetro