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Amy Kessel, Catalonian Cogitations, Barcelona, Spain, 6.24.12

“Some of the neighbors give them a hand. We could all use a hand somehow someway.”
-Charlie Dickinson, 40-Year Grape Street Resident

Grape Street for WHYY / Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Matt Early and Kevin Dougherty, playing with color and lights, 6.13.12

Manayunk Bike Race Block Party, Pizza Time, 6.3.12 for

Characters on Grape Street in Manayunk, Philadelphia, 6.10.12

Red House is a non-profit organization located in East Falls, Philadelphia dedicated to providing community members with a creative textiles outlet. Patrons can attend sewing classes, order custom clothing and accessories, or purchase a prefabricated item at a low cost. Red House is affiliated with Blu Dahlia Designs and Break Free, a non-profit focused on encouraging inner-city youth to express themselves.

For WHYY / Philadelphia Neighborhoods

My new series “Tell It Like It Is” launched this week for Phrequency!

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