Dr. Bruce Hopper Jr., MD is a Philadelphia-based general practitioner who is revolutionizing the health care industry one house call, text message or video chat at a time. Rather than modeling his solo practice after traditional hospitals that tend to focus on quantity of patients over quality care On Call Health is geared toward making doctor visits enjoyable, affordable, holistic, and personal experiences. In order to meet this end, Dr. Hopper left his comfortable, but depressing position at a well-known medical institute in 2010 in order to found a practice that is more in line with his personal vision of care and service.

Dr. Hopper not only goes back to basics by making house calls, but he also conducts care directly with the patient by avoiding health insurance companies altogether. Breaking down the doctor-patient barrier is one of the fundamental elements of this grassroots business model so at all hours of the day members of On Call Health can make noise with the one-man band himself via email, video chat, tweet, text or instant message, carrier pigeon, etc.

No secretaries or schedulers. No triage nurses or unpredictable wait times. No insurance companies or assembly line service. No mold, but a broken one — On Call Health.

This is my final project for Dr. Mendelson’s Documentary Photography class at Temple University. Such an honor to work with Dr. Hopper on this project and to have the opportunity to tell his incredible story in the first place. Thank you.