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I curated a fine art / documentary exhibition featuring approximately 30 pieces by 13 of my talented friends. It opens tomorrow (Friday, MARCH 30) from 2-5 pm at Temple University. Come as you are, celebrate art.

See: Facebook Event for more details

Conrad Benner is a Philadelphia-based blogger and photographer who profiles local street artists throughout the city on Here is a multimedia profile that reveals at least some aspects of what makes Conrad and his website so awesome.

Conrad Benner, Streets Dept, Center City, Philadelphia, 3.29.12

After completing this interview with Peter Boone for the Hard Times Project I found out through a trusted source that he is wanted for rape. His worst fear is “getting badly hurt.”

Side note: I did not intentionally darken this image post production to perhaps change its intent. This is actually close to how I accidentally underexposed it in the original.

Peter Boone, Hard Times, North Philadelphia (Broad and Girard avenues), 3.21.12

It’s springtime in the city and that means street photography! Who better to kick off the collection than this guy walking his parrot in Center City, Philadelphia.

Revisiting some of my work documenting the lives and work of Haitian women in the Dominican Republic from August 2011.

John is the 82-year-old owner of P&F Giordano’s Fruit and Produce, the anchor store of Philadelphia’s Italian Market on the corner of 9th Street and Washington Avenue. This is a segment of his story, hours of footage condensed into three quality minutes for your enjoyment.

Working on a project studying the work and process of National Geographic, VII Photographer Ed Kashi. Next weekend I have the pleasure of documenting his roles as a father, husband, educator, and visual storyteller, among others, at his home and studio in New Jersey. Passion leads.

Northern Short Course in Photojournalism, Fairfax, VA, 3.10.12

Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 3.5.12

Pulling strings, Dr. Joan Maguire at P&F Giordano’s Fruit and Produce (upstairs), Italian Market, Philadelphia, PA, Leap Day! 2.29.12

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