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Tim is a former New York Times photojournalist who succumbed to conspiratorial paranoia and the often inherent eccentricity that goes along with this profession. He now dumpster dives for treasures in rich neighborhoods and refuses to own a cell phone or any kind of digital technology for fear of being tracked by the U.S. government. When I ran into him at 15th and South streets in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood of Philadelphia he was on his way to return a piece of mail to its proper recipient in hopes of receiving a cigarette or another form of compensation from her on January 29, 2012.

I’m not a starving artist, but I’m definitely hungry. Hungry for life and inspiration, knowledge, materials and incite. The first image says that to me.

I love surrounding myself with talented and passionate people, like Illa Straight, aka Herschel Gulve. 1.23.12

Barberville Roadside, Barberville, FL, 12.27.11

My sister Gillian Petrozziello is a marathon runner! More on this to come!

Sixers Media Day, 12.14.11

Dallas, PA with one of the most talented people I have the pleasure of knowing, Ms. Brittany Thomas of Cherokee Red

Self Portrait

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Forgot, or rather just remembered to put these photos up from the Eagles/Cowboys game on October 30, 2011.

Side note: Cannot wait for my new MacBook Pro to arrive! So pumped about how much more efficient I will be with editing, posting, distributing, etc. Life is good! Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible!

Thanks to Paige Mull, Emily Cosgrove, and Victoria Czarnik for helping out with the photos for this Philadelphia Daily News story.

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