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Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Governor Corbett and Friends
(L to R: Constance Girard-diCarlo, President of Penn State University Rodney Erickson, Shari Erickson, PA Governor Tom Corbett, Terese Casey, and Sen. Pat Toomey)
113th Annual Pennsylvania Society Dinner, Waldorf-Astoria, New York City, 12.10.11
Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Angela Couloumbis (who is just a fabulous person) put it best: “Call it the anti-Occupy movement. That, in many ways, is Pennsylvania Society, the annual gala for Pennsylvania politicians who travel to New York City for some government-like forums but mostly for schmoozing, networking, fund-raising, backslapping, wining, dining, and deal-making.”

Sometimes it’s the image before the image.

Sara Carnall, Erika Lanahan, Tanner Maybury, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, 11.10.11

Nymira Bryant and her new stuffed friend leap from the bleachers at Temple Corps Community Center, in North Philly, during the annual Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia holiday dinner, which was held on Sunday. The organization served more than 500 meals to homeless and underprivileged Philadelphians as part of its annual Christmas Campaign.

Photo of the day in today’s Philadelphia Daily News. Pick it up!

I rarely post verticals, but jeez, isn’t my mom just beautiful? 11.13.11

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The Philadelphia Police Department evicted Occupy Philly protesters from Dilworth Plaza at City Hall around 1am Wednesday morning so the city could move forward with a $51 million renovation project that is scheduled for the space. After nearly two months of 24/7 dissent, most of the remaining protesters linked arms and took to the streets chanting such phrases as ‘You can’t evict an idea’ and ‘Aint no power like the power of the people ’cause the power of the people don’t stop.’ Law enforcement officials on bicycles blocked strategic intersections and at times surrounded the marchers in order to prevent them from moving forward to certain locations, such as the Comcast Center and Rittenhouse Square. 52 arrests later the sun rose with no trace of arrest or revolution to impede the morning commute.

Revisiting some of the old shoots for compilation sake. Unearthed these two, which until now have lived solely on my hard drive. Summer 2010 with Skye

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