Abandonment mayhem, sweeping through carnivorous hallways to get to you, telltale talkative timestamps leak trickle down turnstile sleepless nights, looking lost in places I’ve always been, recollected collections all full of soot and slobber, oozing all that turkey time, ripped zigzag crumble

Remember then, henceforth forgotten, forsaken, concrete calabash and slander to make one’s name, scribble it on with wheat paste, wait for the decay, the passerby observing, shook forth, shaking abstractions, shaky wake and bake blowing in my face the morning news

Remember you, remember them dancing, dashing through to keep all piecemeal and compartmentalized for the christians. revealing my rendezvous hellbent sabastian, carousel drifting driven to repent, drippy ripped up dollhairs spent on you, time to reflect, time to ramshackle my charades until I can’t play no more!