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Abandonment mayhem, sweeping through carnivorous hallways to get to you, telltale talkative timestamps leak trickle down turnstile sleepless nights, looking lost in places I’ve always been, recollected collections all full of soot and slobber, oozing all that turkey time, ripped zigzag crumble

Remember then, henceforth forgotten, forsaken, concrete calabash and slander to make one’s name, scribble it on with wheat paste, wait for the decay, the passerby observing, shook forth, shaking abstractions, shaky wake and bake blowing in my face the morning news

Remember you, remember them dancing, dashing through to keep all piecemeal and compartmentalized for the christians. revealing my rendezvous hellbent sabastian, carousel drifting driven to repent, drippy ripped up dollhairs spent on you, time to reflect, time to ramshackle my charades until I can’t play no more!

Since I am currently 1865 miles away from home base, whence all creations are crafted in a cinderblock palace of crimson neutrals, here are a few images from June. Another of the lovely and giggling Amelia Blanda, and the other as a reminder, courtesy of a Germantown Avenue store in North Philadelphia.

There is so much to say about my time in the Dominican Republic so far, but I am going to wait for the images to accompany the words when they’ve had some time to simmer. For now, some departing words from an email I received from Dr. Trayes this morning:

Trust your instincts.

Back up your work.

Look for the light.

Protesters rally in Center City on Saturday, August 6 to raise awareness of the blame that survivors of sexual assault often receive from various individuals and institutions following an attack.

SlutWalk Philadelphia, Center City, 7.6.11

In May, I wrote a piece and posted some pictures on my exploratory experience at the abandoned Julia De Burgos Bilingual Magnet Middle School in the Fairhill neighborhood of North Philadelphia. Today I photographed the epic and eerie structure as it burned, billowing the ash and smoke of its decaying contents into the air. All of those books and desks and lockers and paperwork that I wrote about fueling its final battle against the elements. What the wind and water could not erode away into the earth, the flames reclaimed.

Many interviewees suggested conspiracy theories as the culprit, claiming that the fire would save a few million dollars of demolition work. In my own research, I found that the school was set to be torn down at the end of the summer, which is why we went to shoot there in the first place. As “El” from North Philly put it, “With devastation comes new life.”

Julia De Burgos Bilingual Magnet Middle School 4-Alarm Fire, Fairhill, North Philadelphia, 8.3.11

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