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Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA, 4.15.11

Pictured: Julie Bare, Adam Pluchino, & yours truly 

Cemetery in Fairmount Park, Fairmount, Philadelphia, PA, 4.9.11

Lovely Models: Brittany Thomas, Corrine Klug, & Leigh

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit, Temple University, North Philadelphia, 4.8.11

Somehow we managed to pull this off?

The exhibit features 1000 mounted portraits of smokers with interviews telling when they started smoking and why, a few videos (a time lapse of the lab production and set-up of the exhibit, behind the scenes guerrilla portraiture, & the smokers themselves) a 389 page book (part one, part two), an 8 foot tube of cigarette butts, & a web site! Holler at the Temple University Photojournalism Department. It will be on display in Annenberg Hall until 8 pm on Friday, April 15.

1000 Philly Smokers Exhibit
Friday, April 8
Annenberg Hall Atrium
2020 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia
1000 portraits of Philly smokers, 1 video, 1 web site (, to be launched on Friday), a 300+ page book, & an 8 foot high tube full of cigarette butts (yum!)
also, free food! (also, yum!)

Dr. Trayes: The Man, The Legend of Temple University’s Photojournalism Program. Happy April Fool’s Day, Trayes.

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