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Thanks to Dominique & Lauren, my beautiful hand models.

Temple Dance Concert SoundSlides!

Temple University Dance Concert Rehearsal, located in the converted gymnasium from the university’s past on the fifth floor of Conwell Hall on Thursday, November 11.

Photographic exploration of the abandoned Divine Lorraine Hotel located at the corner of Broad Street and Fairmount Avenue in North Philadelphia on October 26, 2010.

The first non-segregated hotel in the United States was built between 1892 and 1894 and has been abandoned since 1999. Once a grand structure that was home to the city’s visitors in its first life,  and later to Father Divine’s Universal Peace Mission Movement cult, the ten-story relic is now home to its final guest “Philly D” who is a homeless gentleman who occupies the top floor. While most of its history has been reduced to rubble, including the walls, a grand piano, and other artwork, a haunting presence of a boom era for North Philadelphia, during which residents flocked to the city for its industrial wealth opportunities, remains on the vacant yet structurally sound floors. According to NPR, Philadelphia has about 26,000 abandoned homes and the city tears down 1000 unsalvageable structures each year. The Divine Lorraine Hotel is one of the few that is in transition from derelict to redeveloped since it was purchased by Michael Treacy Jr. in 2006. He hopes to transform the space from a graffiti-garnished structure into low income housing. Future plans for the building are to “Free Da Hood” as requested by an anonymous graffiti artist who made a statement on the exterior of the brick beauty on Broad Street.

I don’t feel like this anymore! I feel creative again!: Twisting through your complex sideways triangle places, filling gaps with your expectations, endless markings and notes for the elitist settling, one boss for another but never so in control, my piles and lists, files and wishful thinking, longing-narrowing my focus to ignore the big picture, putting sanity and whole-ness aside for the future me. Creation of nothing things, my long list growing. I’m not so exempt from frustration places.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for Congressman Joe Sestak at Temple University’s Main Campus on Thursday, October 28 in order to win votes for the hopeful senator.

Sound Slides: Mr. President Goes To School (Produced by Ryan Shellenberger, Stills and Sound by Yours Truly)

Here are some photos I shot for the Temple News last week of my friend and neighbor Dave Haller and my fabulous live-in model Dominique Dalia. Dave recently launched his clothing line Junkyard Philadelphia, which has met some moderate success in these parts. All designs are sketched by his hands and shipped out from his bedroom office. Temple News: Crafting a Line

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