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My second video clip for Dr. Trayes’ photojournalism class. The assignment was to be an “inquiring photographer,” so I decided to interview people about the Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling in the Delaware River. If not executed properly, an accident in the fracking process has the potential to poison the drinking water supply for all of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

With sound since YouTube swallowed my sound whole–>

We each received a flip camera and 30 minutes to see what we could see & capture what we could capture during Dr. Trayes’ photojournalism class on Friday. I spent most of my time shooting the general randomness that many people overlook in the hussel-bussel at Tyler Art School and throughout Temple University. If you ever happen to be walking with me down the street, I sincerely hope you are not in a hurry. I tend to look at things and primarily wander, so this assignment was particularly poignant to my usual approach to life and photography. The title “Eyeball Expansion: Peripheral Visionary” attempts to articulately capture this essence.

sometimes you salamander into these spin spin radio songs eclectic, laughing at your own self for the lack of answers and persuasion, the non-knowing of it all wandering, waiting for someone to slip some sneaky idea into your numb skull so it can marinade for a day or two and then become one. but we all pick to pieces this running apple pie life, opening our eyes to see all sorts of things and trying to articulate, but really, we know nothing nothing not a damn thing anyway

Photo Illustration for The Temple News:
Sex Manual Comes Up Short On Advice

NEWances is a collaborative performance by coEXISTdance and Artistry Dance Company that took place in South Philly at CHI Movement Arts Center on Monday, September 13.

swadharme nadhanam shreyah; per dharmo bavaha baha;

translation: it is good to die in your own self-nature, following your self-nature. (don’t become an imitator, somebody else’s nature is very dangerous)

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