Peach your twirly eyes on soft electric skin, horizons of untouchable desperate madness, the mayhem of the stars losing themselves to gravity & twisted wishes, circular sweethearts who never knew the difference, who are never really anywhere but more so in-between, who sometimes take the time to say confounding things but not all that often, only in lieu of the most necessary & questionable situations for subliminal slip&slide stability, scaling evolutionary slopes only to solidify the ground, where blind unknowing

never thinking always going, steady hasting rarely slowing – the value of reflection? hummingbird healers all full of fluff articulation intrinsically tap dancing on sleepy treetops to up-down music! hands on hips laughing at their riff-raff repetition & that rusty rhythm that lays bye-bye baby to bed (but what do you wonder when you lay down your head?) to splash-dancing ballerinas in mint mango brain storms, thunder lightning illumination, the surface of the sun sun sundry your skin toward disintegrating creation