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Can I just say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for all of the love and support you’ve shown me as I venture on this photographic journey.  Thanks for listening as I endlessly babble through ideas. Thanks for all of the picture frame and supply donations for the art show. Thank you for being patient as I snap 18 pictures of the same thing. Thanks for the positive and constructive feedback, the encouragement. Thanks for helping me network, that God-forsaken ‘n’ word. Thanks for checking out my web site & blog (just reached 600 views!). & thank you to the Jolly Roger Motel for purchasing prints for every room! I’m in such a good place and am so excited right now. It’s great to know that there are at least a couple of people cheering me on. Love youzz

Emily & I are setting bottles to sea today with messages for the founders. Except my bottles will contain photographs & contact information so when I get discovered by the recipient I’ll have a really cool story to tell. Some may say we’re polluting, but I’m just sending some beauty back into the ocean.

My friends at Bowker’s Deli display a sign out front that reads “Don’t ruin my life by the sea, BP.” How many many circles of people will that message continue to resonate among as we approach day 62 of this environmental crisis. My sister Jocelyn refuses to take her girls to the beach in Florida, fumes and tarballs replacing livelihoods and cultures and summer. The surfers are still paddling out in Pensacola to savor the last few days when they will be able to emerge from the water without resembling the pelicans on CNN.

As I look out my window at the lightly undulating bay in New Jersey I can’t even fathom such a feeling. SPF protection from the sun, but who/what will protect us from the tainted sea and air? Louisiana lawmakers proposed a resolution for yesterday to be set aside as a day of prayer to prevent more oil from poisoning the Gulf, the creatures occupying it, and everywhere else (there are no gates between the oceans, as my mom said). “Thus far efforts made by mortals to try to solve the crisis have been to no avail,” said state Senator Robert Adley. “It is clearly time for a miracle for us.”

If you happen to be in Woodbury, NJ, then you should visit Jerry at the Woodbury Antique Store on Broad Street. He carries a variety of mostly antique items ranging from vintage jewelry, hair pieces and evening bags to stained glass lamps, furniture, and records. Not to mention the in between where everything is located. The best part about this gem of a store, aside from Jerry’s friendly personality, is the reasonable prices of the goods. Even if you’re just browsing, you really can’t go wrong because this place is a treasure trove of inspiration as well as “antiquitous” (isn’t a word, but should be) items.

“Knowing I have love in my life would be a perfect day for me.”

Are the 20s really the best years of our lives? People keep telling me this as fact and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Of all these years, one hundred years, I’m not sure why all the treasured moments & beauty & carefree-ness are allocated to those between the ages of 20 and 29.. I don’t want to reach a certain age and stagnate. So my wish upon turning 20 today is to always fully exercise my ability to live and harness creativity, to tirelessly pursue curiosities and intrigues, and to execute projects through to completion. That being said, I am now going to paint my fingernails fun colors, put on a pretty flow-y birthday dress, and take marvelous photographs of people with telling faces!

A bed of clouds encapsulates the island this morning as the tourists and weekend warriors retreat into their bunkers back home. Memorial Day weekend 2010 is discarded into pocket planners, a million burgers and hotdogs consumed. And thus, the summer ensues.

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